Safety for Moving and Tying Loads

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Whether in professional or leisure activities, fixing and moving a load is a very serious matter! In addition to ensuring the integrity of the products or objects involved, it is very important to secure the safety of the people involved in the operations. In these situations, it is essential to use equipment that can make the job easier and, most important, that it is proven to be reliable.

But do you know which equipment is essential to ensure safety in load transportation? Why is it so important to use tie down straps? Why do we need parking jacks? In what segments are these equipment most important?

Read the answers to these and other questions below and move your loads with greater safety!

Learn why safety care is so important

The NR 11 Regulatory Norm by the Ministry of Labor, establishes the safety standards for transportation, storage and handling of materials. It arose due to the large number of accidents in load handling operations

This regulation is very important, since about 22% of the injuries in the industry occur while transporting materials. Usually, these injuries are serious or even fatal. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the safety equipment.


Know the equipment used in the displacement of loads

Equipment such as winches, ratchets, pulleys, belts and parking jacks are some of the products that assist in the tasks of tying, lifting and securing loads.

Applied in the most diverse industrial, agricultural, poultry, road and nautical segments, these solutions guarantee the safety of the products and people involved in the operation, being used in trucks, small-trucks, trailers, car-carrying trailer, jeeps, motorcycles, jet-skis and boats.


See the importance of tie down straps

Tie down straps and lift slings bring lower cost in transportation and are suitable for lifting, lashing and moving loads. These products stand out in the construction, in the road segment and in industries such as automobile, metallurgy and harbors.

Tie down straps and lift slings offer high strength, simple handling and match perfectly with accessories such as road, nautical and agricultural ratchets, supports, winches and fasteners to attach ropes to steel cables, bringing mobility, firmness and – most importantly – safety for the load.

Ensure load stability with parking jacks

When the need is to support loads, such as agricultural machinery, planters, sprayers, and trailers in general, parking jacks are the most suitable and resistant equipment for working in the field.
The parking jacks are suitable for work in harsh environments and with even higher weight, such as agricultural and road platforms, machinery and industrial equipment, which guarantee safety, stability and robustness.


Have robustness and safety in the Agro-industry segment

Work in the field and in poultry also gets easier with solutions such as winches, hand winches and pulleys to move curtains, drinkers and feeders. The use of attested equipment, such as the Robustec Agricultural line products, optimizes production and guarantees the safety and quality through the whole process.

This type of work requires extremely strong parts due to the need for protection against bad weather and aggressive environments. , such as epoxy powder paint.


Practice sports and leisure with all the safety you need.

But it is not only in the professional area that products for tying, handling and fixing loads attract attention. People who do not give up on safety and quality in the time of fun are already using equipment that meets safety and risk factor requirements, such as slackline straps, drag straps,  ratchets and parking jacks for jeeps, bringing greater safety for spare time activities.


Bring more safety on board!

To enjoy the ride and work on the water, it is necessary to count on products and accessories that guarantee the best performance while on board. A variety of nautical equipment, such as tie down and drag straps, ratchets and parking jacks, are available in different assemblies and capacities, according to the application and the specific clamping and handling needs of each customer.

The products follow safety standards for practical and safe use in water, with seams, chemical treatments, and painting that ensure maximum quality and strength.

As we have seen, using equipment which guarantees the safety of the loads and of the people involved in the transportation is fundamental in the movement and fixing of loads, in the most different areas!

By using quality products and following safety recommendations, you can minimize risk and achieve greater efficiency for your company.

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