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Tie Down Triangle Hook


The Robustec tie down straps guarantee practicality and safety for sports practice and leisure. They offer a variety of mounting options and capabilities, depending on the application and the specific needs of each customer.

Convenience and safety

The tie down straps used to transport motorcycles follow the safety standards and are certified by Inmetro, providing practical and safe use.

Multiple capacities

Made of 100% polyester material, the tie down straps can withstand varying capacities, from 1,500 kg to 10,000 kg. Available in different sizes, they have black seams indicating their capacity.

Resistant to temperatures between -40 ° C and + 100 ° C

The tie down straps have 7% elasticity, 2:1 safety factor, and withstand temperatures between -40 ° C and + 100 ° C. Available in different sizes, they have black seams indicating their capacity.

Chemically treatment

The tie down straps are also chemically treated for less water absorption and receive heat treatment. These products follow safety standards for practical and safe use, with black seams to indicate their capacity.

Varying loads

For tying loads to motorcycles, boats, speedboats, among others, it is indicated the straps with capacity of 1,500 Kg and 3,000 kg. For loads on trucks, trains and airplanes, the use of straps with a capacity of 5,000 kg is indicated. And for tying heavier loads, such as agricultural implements and generators, it is recommended to use straps with 10,000 kg capacity.

Motorcycle Kit

A good option for tying and transporting your motorcycle is the Closed Ratchet Motorcycle Kit. It has a 100% polyester strap, chemically treated for less water absorption and with heat treatment, a camouflaged bag and two tie down straps (Closed Ratchet) with a capacity of 800 kg and a three meter with a  motorcycle hook.

Custom solutions

With its own engineering and development sector, Robustec develops solutions for different markets, creating customized solutions for its clients. The company produces some specific products for sports practice and leisure, such as slackline tapes, dragging straps and winches.


Compliance with safety standards. Inmetro certified.


Convenience and safety. Multiple capacities 100% Polyester material. Multiple sizes. Resistant to temperatures between -40 °C and +100 °C. Chemically treated. Loads up to 10,000 kg. Motorcycle Kit. Custom solutions