The Robustec Poultry Line offers different solutions of pulleys for movement of curtains, drinkers and feeders in aviaries.

Different capacities and applications

The company has pulleys of different models and capacities, for the most diverse applications. The 100 mm 600 kg stamped pulley with grease gun, bearing or ball bearing is resistant, with straight support and bearing with greaser. With a capacity of 600 kg, it is ideal for lifting systems for feeders  and other.

Reinforced bearings

The 100 mm 600kg stamped pulley for ceiling is applied in lifting systems for drinkers, curtains and other uses in aviaries. With a capacity of supporting 600 kg, it presents a reinforced bearing. The 100mm stamped pulley with grease gun is applied in lifting systems for feeders and others. With capacity for 600 kg, it has central needle bearing with grease gun.

Different models.

The stamped pulley 80mm tempered steel, used in lifting systems for drinker, curtains and others, has a capacity of 400 kg. The equipment has central bushing of tempered steel and stamped steel reel. The stamped pulleys for corners or ceiling, also applied in lifting systems for drinker and curtains, have a capacity of 350 kg. The 70mm cast iron pulley is applied to lifting systems for feeders  and others. With a capacity of 350 kg, it weights approximately 0,280 kg.

Plastic pulleys

The plastic pulleys have capacities for 30 kg, 45 kg, 250 kg, 350 kg, 400 kg and 500 kg. Some models have hooks, grease guns and ceiling supports or L support. Resistant, with galvanized finish avoiding corrosion and oxidation, the plastic pulleys are  ideal for lifting systems used in feeders, drinkers, curtains and others.

Protection against bad weather

The finish of Robustec's pulleys, winches, hand winches and accessories is done with the use of electrolytic galvanizing and/or epoxy paint powder, providing greater protection against the harsh and aggressive environments and also bringing a greater durability for the product.

Huge accessories line.

Robustec also has a wide range of poultry accessories, as brackets to fix hand winches, winch drive cable, steel cable fixer for attaching ropes to steel cable, Fixer Kit and electric drive.


Suitability to technical requirements. Strict quality standard.


Different capacities and applications. Reinforced bearings. Different models. Galvanized finish. Resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Multiple applications. Protection against bad weather. Electrolytic and epoxy paint finishing. Huge accessories line.