People who do not pass on the safety and quality while having fun should use equipment that meets safety and risk factor requirements, such as Robustec slackline straps. It was developed specifically for this sport, it prioritizes the practitioners' safety.

Reinforced security

Made of 100% polyester material, very resistant, the Slackline straps has a folded and reinforced loop at the tip, a stainless steel ratchet and a security lock with a two-meter strap.

Different sizes

Perfect for your sport, Robustec slackline straps are available in 10m, 15m and 20m sizes. They have a capacity of 3,000 kg, a width of 50 mm and a safety factor of 2:1.

Resistant material

The 50 mm wide static strap is ideal for beginners, as they are made of a more rigid material, making it easier to balance on it. In addition, the greater the thickness and the shorter the length, the easier it will be to balance upon it.

Protection against bad weather

The finish of all Robustec hand winches, winches and accessories is done with the use of electrolytic galvanizing and/or epoxy powder paint, to provide greater protection against the harsh and aggressive environments and to provide greater durability. In addition, all main parts of Robustec winches and hand winches, such as the gears, receive heat treatment for a longer service life.

Compliance with safety standards

The products follow safety standards for practical and safe use in water, with seams, chemical treatments, and painting that ensure maximum quality and strength.

Custom solutions

With its own engineering and development sector, Robustec develops products for different markets, creating customized solutions for its clients. The company produces some specific products for the practice of sports and leisure such as drag straps and winches for jeeps, motorcycles, Jet-skis, boats and trailers.

Nautical sports

Robustec also has a variety of nautical equipment, such as tie down and drag straps, hand winches and parking jacks, produced in different mountings and capacities, according to the needs of its customers.


Compliance with safety standards. Strict quality standard.


Reinforced security. Different sizes. Resistant material. Protection against bad weather. Thermal treatment. Longer durability. Customized solutions Own manufacture. Electrolytic and epoxy paint finishing. Developed for slackline.