Parking Jack Landing Gear

Parking Jack and Landing Gear that offer robustness and resistance to your load. Get to know the models.

When the need is to support load, the parking jacks are the most suitable and resistant equipment. They are used for suspension of small loads on vehicles such as agricultural trucks, planters, sprayers, and trailers in general.  

Easy handling

Robustec has parking jack line that stands out for its durability and strength. With three drive models - lateral, top and articulated - they offer more practicality and comfort when handling the operator. The use of these proven resistant equipment optimizes the production and guarantees the safety and quality of the whole process. 

Perfect leveling and adjustment

The parking jacks allow precise and individual adjustment and perfect leveling of loads, even on rough terrain. The use of these equipment facilitates the adaptation of the load to different heights, reducing the operator's physical effort, optimizing production and ensuring the safety and quality of the whole process. 

Resistant to severe environments

The use of parking jacks also helps to prevent accidents in the field, as these equipment is resistant to aggressive environments and able to protect workers against bad weather. The parking jacks  can provide adequate stability for most agricultural equipment under resting conditions. 

Easy operation

Designed for the most different applications, Robustec parking jacks  have two drive speeds - high, to approximate the ground foot, and low, used to suspend the load. With easy operation, these equipment allows precise and individual adjustment and perfect leveling, even on rough land. 

Multiple capacities

Robustec parking jack have a capacity to support 1500 kg and can lift up to 250 mm, and 4 mm around the crank, except for the 7500 kg lateral support foot, which has a rise of 4.4 mm around the crank.

Resistant materials

The pieces' finishing are done in powder epoxy paint and electrolytic galvanizing, which ensures greater protection during exposure to aggressive environments. Besides that, these equipment respect all technical requirements and meet customers' needs. 


Suitability to technical requirements.  Strict quality standard. 


Easy handling.  Perfect leveling and adjustment.  Durability and safety.  Resistant to bad weather.  Epoxy paint powder and electrolytic finishing.  Three drive models.  Elevation of 4 mm around the crank.  Multiple capacities  Suitability at different heights.  Total stability.