Poultry Line

Lifting Winch Model RG 1314



Poultry Line

Lifting Winch Model RG 1820



Poultry Line

Lifting Winch Model RG 1825



Poultry Line

Lifting Winch Model RG 1010



In order for your sports and spare time practices to be successful, it is vital to use proven and reliable equipment. Robustec winches, used for tying, lifting and securing loads, were developed according to a strict quality standard and stand out for their robustness and durability.

Safety and quality of life

Robustec winches and equipment meet the safety and risk factor requirements, according to standards, in order to avoid accidents and ensure greater quality of life and tranquility during spare time activities for their users.

Multiple applications.

Applied in a wide range of segments, such as sports and recreation, industrial, agricultural, poultry, road and nautical, these products are used in jeeps, motorcycles, jet skis, boats, trailers and trailers.

Protection and durability

The finish of Robustec's winches, hand winches and accessories is done with the use of electrolytic galvanizing and/or epoxy paint powder, providing greater protection against the harsh and aggressive environments and also bringing a greater durability for the product. In addition, all main parts of Robustec winches and hand winches, such as the gears, receive heat treatment for a longer service life.

Multiple capacities

Manufactured following a strict quality standard, Robustec winches stand out for their sturdiness and durability. The company also produces winches for the agricultural area, such as drinkers, general load suspension and motorized winches of different capacities.

Custom solutions

With its own engineering and development sector, Robustec develops products for different markets, creating customized solutions for its clients. The company produces some specific products for the sports practice and recreation, such as slackline straps, drag straps and tie down straps.

Nautical sports

Robustec also has a complete line of hand winches, wheel parking jacks, straps and parking jacks for nautical activities, with models for the most varied types of applications and activities. The company's products are carefully developed, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each client.


Compliance with safety standards. Strict quality standard.


Multiple applications. Safety and quality of life. Electrolytic and epoxy paint finishing. Safety and protection. Robustness and durability. Thermal treatment. Multiple capacities Customized solutions Strict quality. Longer durability.