How to have professional security in sports and leisure moments

cintas de amarração esporte e lazer

When the routine is not just about work or when the holidays are approaching, worrying about transport safety or sports practices should not be on the agenda.

Robustec has a technological line designed to fix loads without compromising them or jeopardize falling, drag straps for trailers, or to give that help on the heavier trails and slackline equipment. All beautiful, light, chemically treated, resistant to the most demanding climates, and certified by ABNT.

Why use a lashing strap?

The lashing straps offer high resistance, with simple handling, and match perfectly with accessories such as hand winches, bringing mobility, firmness, and – most importantly – security for the cargo.

“Doesn’t it fit in the car? Tie it out! ”

When to use a drag belt?

Robustec’s drag straps guarantee safety for fixing motorcycles in racks, to remove jammed vehicles, or to contain trailers, as they have a weight rating of up to 10 tons.

“No matter the size of the quagmire, you will get out of it!”

A radical dose

Following safety standards, Robustec’s slackline guarantees sports practice without worrying about the equipment’s resistance. Focus only on balance and the most difficult maneuvers.

“The law of gravity to be taken care of!”

Meet the resistance of the entire line at Expo Motor Home Show

November the 23rd, 24th, and 25th

FENAC’s Pavilion

Novo Hamburgo – RS

Expo Motor Home Show

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