Social Commerce: strategies for your store to sell more online and offline

social commerce

Nowadays, it is more difficult to survive without having a strong online presence. After all, more and more people make their purchases through the Internet, using the so-called e-commerce.

According to an investigation by the NZN Intelligence, research platform, around 82% of Brazilian consumers with Internet access have already made online purchases. In this context, social networks are extremely important for your business visibility, helping to make it more visible and competitive.

The e-commerce and social networks integration generated Social Commerce. This tool allows the public to more easily locate your store, using reviews that resemble the old word of mouth method.

Understand how Social commerce works

Social Commerce is simply the union between social networks and the interaction that these media provide with the information exchange about their products and services. This trend has been intensifying more and more in social networks.

However, Social Commerce is not limited to selling products on social media. It requires that the shopping experience be more social and networked. In this way, it offers the possibility of making real consumers have a say in your favor.

These people credibility is greater because they are not trying to sell anything. After all, they are consumers like you who are there voluntarily to provide a service to other users. This is why their reviews are an important free advertisement for businesses.

Currently, e-commerce is creating more favorable conditions to properly manage the relationship with the consumer. It is no longer necessary to leave the social network and go to the store website to complete the purchase. Some platforms already operate in an integrated way.

Additionally, it is also easier for managers to track consumer behavior, as all data is recorded in a single system. In this way, it is easier to control inventory and also manage the strategies that will be used to increase sales.

See how important is having positive consumer reviews

You can use social media to describe the qualities of your products and services and present successful cases. And to reinforce the veracity of what you say, you can present social proof, through people testimonies who really like your company.

Positive reviews are very valuable, because it is not you who says that your product is good, it is other people who are testing it. Therefore, a positive review weight makes a big difference when concluding a sale.

On the other hand, content with complaints and negative reviews reverberates quickly and can ruin your business overnight.

So, if you intend to be present on the Internet, it is important that you pay special attention to the products and services quality that you offer. Try to make sure that there is no reason to receive a flood of negative reviews.

social commerce

One of the advantages is the possibility of using the networks segmentation resources to better guide the approaches and reach your audience.

It is also important to take advantage of the data that social networks provide on a daily basis to improve the experience and align the store communication with your customers. Listen carefully to the criticism and use it to always improve your service. This way, you will have a better chance of winning and retaining new customers.

You can make use of monitoring tools to ensure that everything that happens in that environment is seen. But remember that responses on social networks must be given quickly, since speed is one of these media characteristics.

Discover the different Social Commerce types

There are several Social Commerce types. Next, we will present the main ones.

Between people

Do you remember those platforms that allow one seller to speak and sell directly to another? This type is called person-to-person.

Some examples of these platforms are Mercado Livre and eBay. In them, the sellers photograph the merchandise themselves, set the price and can negotiate directly with the buyer.

Sales on social networks

In this modality, companies use social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest to boost their sales. They can also use tools on these social networks that allow them to add store functionality to their page.

Sales on social media have allowed many people to leave their conventional jobs to become digital influencers. Bloggers and Youtubers are examples of this.

These people do product reviews and leave their testimonials on various channels. Because they have a lot of credibility with the public, they are able to make companies increase their sales.

Collective buying

Have you heard about Groupon or Peixe Urbano? These platforms are another Social Commerce type: group purchases.

They offer a certain number of discounts “tickets”; so that people can purchase the advertised products and services.

All of this stimulates the public’s interest in owning that item. After all, those people are guaranteeing that the product is good, has a good price, and will generate satisfaction.

social commerce


In this mode, buyers participate in the production and financing the product process. Sites like Kikante can serve as examples for this module.

For example, if a band wants to release a CD, but doesn’t have the money to produce it, they can use this tool to make their project viable.

In return, people can contribute a certain amount to have access to new songs, for example. Followers can also earn a reward from artists with the name mentioned in the album or receive band t-shirts or other fun gifts.

Forums and chats

Some sites open forums or chats so that consumers can exchange experiences and help each other. This modality allows people to exchange experiences about the products and services they have consumed. Thus, everyone wins and users have access to reliable information from people who are not interested in selling.

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