Ratchet straps: how to identify the best ones for lashing loads?

Having good Ratchet straps is essential to guarantee the products integrity that are moved, as well as the people safety involved in the operations.

However, with so many models available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to recognize which options offer the ideal quality to meet the unique needs of load lashing processes.

Knowing this, we have prepared this article with complete information on what to take into account when choosing your tape, either for your logistical demands or for resale.

What to consider when choosing Ratchet Straps?

Knowing that the best Ratchet Straps guarantee safer and more successful handling processes, it is essential to take some precautions when purchasing this type of product. In this sense, among the features that most deserve attention, the following stand out:

Compliance with standards

Buying certified products is the first step in ensuring that they have the necessary quality and safety. In the case of straps, the main norms and standards to be observed are:

  • Contran’s 552 Standard: regulates and guides the lashing devices, bringing minimum safety requirements for load transport;
  • Regulatory standard 17: brings the requirements related to ergonomics, safety and performance that must be adapted to the operators demands;
  • ABNT NBR 15883-1: specifies the calculation of the minimum number of lashing assemblies necessary for a correct load fixation;
  • ABNT NBR 15883-2: provides safety requirements for the use and testing of lashing materials;
  • Regulatory Standard 12: includes technical references and protection measures to ensure the operators physical integrity and health.

Sewing quality

After looking at the Ratchet Straps’ technical certifications, the second step is to analyze the sewing quality.

Ideally, the weft should have a greater number of threads, ensuring that the assembly has more strength, resistance and a longer useful life.

With a high wefts volume, the warp threads also do not have the risk of moving away, causing openings in the strap and the possibility of get entangled in the load.

An important differential is the auxiliary threads, which do not allow the weft to unravel in the event of thread breakage, and give it significantly greater integrity.

Resistance standard

In addition to choosing a Ratchet Strap with adequate resistance to the loads weight to be moved, the ideal is also to pay attention to its manufacturing standard.

This is because some companies test the straps before their sewing is done and the assembly of the sets is completed.

Thus, the load capacity obtained in the test is not realistic, since the stresses of the seams and the breakage of some microfilaments generate resistance losses.

Therefore, keep in mind the manufacturers who test their products correctly, after the product is fully manufactured, and who indicate their capacity correctly.

Water absorption

Many do not realize it, but the rate of water absorption is also directly related to the strength, quality and durability of the Ratchet straps.

When the product absorbs too much liquid or even favors the adherence of solid particles, its microfilaments are compromised and its handling is affected.

Therefore, take a look at the materials the strap is made of and its pigmentation pattern to ensure that the thread is adequately protected against these conditions.


Finally, the most important information about the Ratchet strap should be included on its label, and if it is incorrectly attached it may indicate unreliable manufacturers.

The label should always have two parts: an outer part and an inner part (also known as a black box).

On the outside, it should contain its instructions for use. Inside, the product’s origin data must be preserved.

Why choose Robustec Ratchet straps?

All the differentials mentioned above are endorsed by excellent manufacturers, and that is why opting for reference brands in the area can make a difference when choosing your Ratchet strap.

Since 2001, Robustec is an absolute reference in the development of this type of products, and adds differentials such as:

  • Attention to the main segment national and international standards, in addition to its own quality management certification;
  • Use of 100% virgin yarn, which increases the load capacity and the strap useful life. They are made to have a smooth and homogeneous surface, which reduces the breakage of the microfilaments, and they have an auxiliary thread of the weft;
  • High resistance standard and properly tested, with products that reach a level up to 60% higher than the breaking load;
  • Reduced water absorption and solid particle impregnation, thanks to the meticulous choice of yarns, the excellent weave pattern and the protection provided during pigmentation;
  • Correct labeling standards, maximum security and strict quality standards.

Now that you know how to choose the ideal Ratchet strap and you know the Robustec differentials in the area, check out other solutions in our catalog. Click here and access our complete products line.

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