7 tips to increase sales in your hardware store

The construction market in Brazil is constantly growing, and this also encompasses the hardware store sector. The sector is estimated to grow 4% in 2021, the highest growth in eight years. Therefore, this is the time to take advantage of the positive scenario and boost your results. But for this to be possible, you must first take a look at this article with our 7 tips to increase the sales in your hardware store and ensure your business prosperity.

1.      Offer a differentiated service

The first step in increasing your hardware store sales is qualifying your staff. In this way, it will be possible to win over the client and turn him into a company promoter. In addition, a good service makes the relationship with consumers closer and helps a lot in their loyalty.

In addition to cordiality and kindness, it is important to have employees who know all the products and can suggest the best for the customer, regardless of the price. After all, many people who go to these establishments do not know much about the differences between brands and products. Therefore, always be available to answer all doubts with great transparency.

      1. Get to know the best-selling items

      A hardware store usually offers a wide variety and quantity of items. You can find in this establishment from nails and screws, to machines, tools, locks, door handles, hinges, among many other products.

      Despite the varied sector demand, according to location, there are products that in any environment have a higher demand compared to others. So, if you want to increase sales in your hardware store, it is worth investing in a good stock of them.

      See below for a complete list of the best-selling items in hardware stores:

      • Screws
      • Hinges
      • Pulleys
      • Locks
      • Nails
      • Padlocks
      • Hooks
      • Nuts
      • Faucets
      • Angles
      • Chains
      1. Sell well-known brand products

      Another point that can contribute to increasing sales is to bet on well-known brands, which enjoy prestige in the market. Even if it has a higher final price, people would rather pay more for quality items than save money and have problems in the future. Therefore, study the market and invest in buying products from companies that are most relevant in the segment.

      1. Simplify payment methods

      To guarantee your sales, increase the receiving possibilities with different payment methods. Currently, we have numerous online payment tools in the market, such as digital invoices, digital payment platforms and other Internet transactions. The important thing is that your client feels comfortable and that they pay in the way that seems most simple and favorable. In this way, it will be possible to increase sales in your hardware store and ensure loyalty.

      1. Make good use of social networks

      Social media is a great showcase for your store. They allow you to advertise your products and services both for free and for a fee. In addition, they allow you to stay in contact with customers, disseminate quality content to help them make their purchase decisions and strengthen your image as an expert in your industry.

      One tip to optimize results is to use sponsored links. This requires a small investment, but when the consumer searches for the product you advertised, they will find your company at the top of the list.

      1. Sell complementary services

      You can add even more value to your business by adhering to different products and services types. There are sales options for tools, electrical, hydraulic, saw and glass materials that can complement your sales. For the customer, being able to find everything in one place makes life easier and saves time. So be versatile in four proposal.

  1. 7.      Invest in e-commerce

    The online shopping speed and convenience make more and more consumers opt for online commerce. So, try to use the digital universe to promote your business and increase your profits. An e-commerce will allow your store to make your products available to everyone in Brazil, thus increasing its visibility.

    To create an online store, it is enough to have adequate stock management, a platform that enables a pleasant experience for customers and seeks to offer the best delivery and payment conditions.

    As we have seen, some steps can be taken to optimize your hardware store results. Increasing sales is not easy, but with the right tools, everything works!

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